How to Structure a Webinar to Sell Your Product or Service

Webinars and teleseminars are great to sell a product or service and attract customers methods . But they also offer much more of a marketing standpoint . You can connect with interested people , share knowledge and provide value . Do you offer products or services, how to orchestrate and execute the program does not actually change . And if you serve the corporate market, the approach would be the same again .

This is what we do :

1 Content.At 75-80 % 75 – . 80 % of the content you supply a Webinar Ninja Review is to educate your audience. In this segment, you are not selling anything. You are really only share their knowledge on a particular topic . The goal is to paint a picture of the things that his listeners may not know about you and your experience. This is how you add value , educate your market, build credibility and begin to build trust, to help attract customers .

For example , I give the public what they have to do to get customers. I also educate them on what they have to take these measures . But I’m not saying exactly how, since it is what sends our products and services.

Two . Promotion 20-25%.

The last 20-25% of the Webinar Ninja is the part where you promote your product or service and explain that where listeners can discover ” how” to do what you mentioned. When they buy the product or service , you tell them how things work and take you through the process step by step to see how everything is done . The solutions are provided in your product or service.

The model remains the same .

Therefore , configuration, delivery and format of the seminar or teleseminar program follows the same pattern , whether it is a product or service. You can see exactly how we do it . You will see that most of the information shared is to educate listeners about what they should do to attract customers and why. The following details are provided in the product at the end of the seminar. The invitation to buy the product and more limited to the last minute . We use this formula for years because it works for us and will work for you too.

Your mission :

Have you created your first webinar or teleclass yet? To get a theme, think about what your prospects need . Waking up at night with the sweats three hours? What solutions are thirsty? Then step back and think about how you can talk without revealing your information completely. Record exactly “how to” to attract customers who will buy your product, or service.